Mithun Girishan - Trainon

Sr Money Management Trainer
Mithun Girishan

Mithun Girish is the founder of Mithun,s Money Market, a consulting firm providing quality trading programs in capital markets. He is a proprietary trader who specializes in forex and stock market.

His core competency lies in the areas of opportunistic trading in the forex and share market. He has got an uncanny ability to explain profound strategies in simple and lucid terms that makes it easy for anyone to learn share/forex trading strategies and develop into a self-reliant trader.

Mithun blends the knowledge he received from his global training and the wisdom he gained from his practical experience to deliver the best training in the industry. A passionate trader and trainer, Mithun has been delivering trainings both in India and abroad since the last decade. Mithun Girish has made a mark of excellence in the industry as a proprietary trader and is well appreciated by his students, brokers, institutes and corporates.

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