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Why You Should Know Data Analytics

Many of us must have become familiar with the term ‘big data’ by now. Big data involves large amounts of information that can be analyzed to come up with better business strategies. Data analysts stand at the nexus between business, information technology and statistics. Although the data analyst career path has been around for quite some time, people have started paying attention to big data analytics jobs only recently, with issues like the Cambridge Analytica data scandal garnering headlines. The growing consumer culture across the world has made data analysis a much sought-after job. So what makes a career in ... Read more

How the Digital Marketing Replaces Traditional Marketing

Now the world is not so big anymore. We can access the world at our fingertip because our world is at the end level of digitalization. Industries interconnect with people virtually to develop their business by clicking on a digital network. They have left the old technology and are chasing the new. Due to covid 19 pandemic situation all businesses and their marketing strategies are digitizing. Due to the huge scope of digital marketing, traditional marketing is being replaced by digital marketing.  Nowadays, we are hearing a lot about digital marketing through social media platforms and we can find a plethora ... Read more

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