Coding courses for kids

Learning languages is easy for kids compared to adults as their developing brains enable quicker understanding of concepts. This makes their age a great time to start learning coding. Kids see it as a new language which makes it easy for them to master it easily.


Coding at a young age can help your child for a lifetime of success by having an edge over others in virtually every modern industry. Kids at a very early age can start learning how to code using visual block interfaces or age appropriate text-based coding classes. Since coding can be gamified, we have developed our courses making it engaging and fun to learn.


Kids’ coding programs has been proven to provide real world skills. Coding teaches the valuable skill of persistence while handling challenges. Skills like problem solving and solutioning through research and collaboration is developed. We bring kids together for virtual collaboration through our classes helping them to ask questions, solve problems and to create things together. It also helps kids to break down complex ideas and arrange them in a simple and logic way.


Our courses are designed to offer affordable learning for kids. Skilled trainers would provide mentorship to the young talents through this journey as they progress into intermediate and advanced courses.


So, to summarize; Coding

  • Is fun and satisfying
  • Develops self-confidence & creativity
  • Improves problem solving & persistence
  • Enhances collaboration & communication
  • Helps students understand the world better


Course Name Intended For Duration
Code Bits Class IV – VI 10 Days
Code Bytes Class VII – X 10 Days

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