Vedic Maths

Majority of kids find leaning mathematics extremely difficult. The main reason is getting confused while solving large calculations or solving complex equations. We at TrainOn Junior have a solution to fix this problem. Our course is designed to make Maths easy using the ancient method of Vedic Mathematics. This method establishes the comprehensible and incorporated structure of mathematics and the approaches are direct and easy. It makes learning very easy, interesting and even more fun filled.


Through this course your kid will be taught easier and faster methods to solve math problems. It will enable the kid to develop their analytical skills and enhance mental calculations. These skills become a key factor while preparing for their regular exams or for any competitive exams.

What Would You Need To Do The Course?

  • Basic knowledge of mathematics
  • Focused and willing to practice
  • Dedication and sincerity
  • Openness to learn new methods
  • A device to connect to the virtual classroom
  • Good Internet speed for uninterrupted sessions


Course Name Intended For Duration
Vrudhi Class IV – VI 15 Days
Abhivrudhi Class VII – X 21 Days

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