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So, what are your options for a career in digital marketing? 

Career prospects in digital marketing appear to be more abundant than ever before. Whether you’re a mid-level marketer or a fresh marketing graduate looking for a job, you’ll have a lot of options. This might make deciding on a digital marketing specialization tricky to say the least. When it comes to picking a job or title, taking the time to explore all of your alternatives is no longer an option; it’s essential. In the long term, it’s crucial to consider the benefits, drawbacks, and accessibility of different roles.  

Digital marketing experts, on the other hand, are in luck, because there is a great need for professional digital marketers right now. The need for experienced individuals in digital marketing is growing. The outcomes of best-in-class digital marketing techniques are creating tremendous revenues for large and small businesses alike. 

 Skills you need to know about 

 Although many people connect marketing professionals with an ultra-creative attitude, great digital marketers have a number of attributes. Let’s take a look at what makes for a good digital marketer:  

  •   Flexibility: Because the digital world is always evolving, the greatest digital marketers are able to adapt to new settings, algorithms, and software. 
  •  A desire to help others: Because marketing is all about assisting other businesses in expanding their reach and earnings, it’s critical that digital marketers have a desire to assist others. 
  •  Dependability: You must be able to follow through when entrusted with reaching social media objectives or developing an effective content marketing plan. A job in digital marketing is certainly right up your alley if you enjoy setting objectives and completing tasks on schedule. 
  •  Strategic thinking: Are you able to reach conclusions through a strategic thought process using analytical and calculated thinking? Working with data and developing a well-rounded approach can help you produce the outcomes you, your team, and your clients want to see in digital marketing. 
  •  An entrepreneur’s mindset: One of the most crucial abilities of a digital marketer is the ability to control one’s own destiny. Because so much of the job is responding to a constantly changing digital world, digital marketers are always learning new skills and reworking their digital marketing tactics as difficulties develop. 

 Careers in Digital Marketing: Where Are They Now? 

 As previously said, digital marketing is in great demand among both brands and organizations. As a result, digital marketers that specialize in a field that interests them are more likely to pursue a career path that is relevant to them. 

 The most in-demand talents for digital marketing professionals, according to the Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide, include digital brand strategists, integrated graphic designers, social media content writers, and marketing analysts for both pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). So, how does this affect digital marketers? 

 You have alternatives. Because of your opportunity to specialize in a broad range of digital marketing tasks, it’s vital to take your time when selecting a position where you’ll thrive, making sure to examine salary, necessary abilities, and expected duties. 

Here are some of the best digital marketing jobs for 2021 and beyond for digital marketing professionals should consider: 

 Digital Project Manager 

 Consider becoming a digital project manager if you’re a mid-level marketer wishing to specialize in a particular area of digital marketing. These professionals are frequently entrusted to manage business-to-client interactions, manage numerous creative initiatives, and ensure that the creative team has access to the necessary software and resources to accomplish their tasks. In comparison to conventional marketing materials such as print collateral and ads, marketing teams have observed an increased demand for someone to oversee digital initiatives. On the marketing team, digital project planners wear multiple hats, frequently overseeing all-digital processes and projects. 

 According to Glassdoor, in India, the highest annual pay for a Digital Project Manager is Rs. 29,40,000. while the lowest income for a Digital Project Manager in India is $341,558 per year. 

 Every title necessitates certain characteristics, and outstanding digital project managers possess a plethora of them. Digital project managers are versatile professionals who are accustomed to using a range of skills throughout the day. These individuals should have excellent communication skills along with a keen sense of design. Because your employment demands you to handle numerous projects at the same time, you should invest in project management software to make your job easier. Trello is an excellent collaboration solution for digital project managers to keep projects on track. 

 Designers of User Experience 

 User experience designers (UX designers) are in charge of creating fantastic user experiences for online products and services. Because user engagement is linked to how long they spend on a website or app, user experience designers must create an experience that encourages people to return. UX designers are an important aspect of any digital marketing plan, from the design of site pages to how customers engage with support. 

 The average income of a UX designer in India is ₹6,95,863, according to, a compensation data firm. 

Great user experience designers have the following characteristics: The best  UX designers are meticulous persons that take satisfaction in developing applications, websites, and other digital-based things that allow consumers to simply interact and comprehend the steps required to complete a task. These specialists should be able to create graphics and communicate well in writing. A background in website development and design would also be advantageous, improving your earning potential and chances. 

 Specialists in SEO 

 A search engine optimization specialist is a digital marketing expert who specializes in search engine optimization. SEO professionals develop and implement methods to improve the visibility of web pages on search engine result pages (SERPs) and, as a result, boost the number of leads to a website. Because SEO is such a complicated and ever-changing aspect of digital marketing, an SEO professional must be able to think both technically and strategically throughout the day. 

  PayScale provides the following salary data for India: 

 Professionals with over 5-8 years of SEO expertise may earn approximately Rs. 3.5-6.6 LPA, while freshers can earn around Rs. 1.8-2.8 LPA. Senior-level SEO salaries in India (for professions requiring more than 10 years of expertise) are much higher, ranging from Rs. 15-30 LPA or more, depending on the firm size, location, and skill set. 

 The many factors that go into a good SEO strategy determine the traits of an extraordinary SEO practitioner. Top SEO strategists are able to refine their plans over time by taking deliberate actions. High-quality written communication skills are essential for SEO strategists, from backlinking to crafting optimized content. These digital marketing experts should have an open thought process and be data-driven. 

 Content Strategist  

 Content strategists are able to bring traditional and digital marketing teams together when it comes to digital marketing professions. Content is the most important asset in any marketing plan, and information strategists design the procedures that determine how and when content is delivered to customers. 

 The national average income for a Content Strategist is $7,53,560 per year, according to Glassdoor. 

 As a great content strategist, you’ll need a few characteristics. Because all content is created for them to consume and act on, these professionals are able to think with their audience in mind. They use this end-game thinking to work backward through a content strategy, calculating how a piece of content will drive a consumer to take action. To guide customers and readers through the ideal funnel, content strategists must, of course, be able to produce immaculate and convincing material. 

 Chief marketing officer 

 In today’s market, becoming a marketing manager or officer necessitates mastery of both conventional and digital marketing methods. Chief marketing officers are often promoted later in their careers since they are in charge of all marketing activities for a firm or brand. Chief marketing officers generally work alongside CEOs and are an important part of corporate operations, from evaluating text to approving campaign plans. 

 According to Payscale, here is a thorough breakdown of the compensation for this position. 

 Based on 10 salaries, an early career Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with 1-4 years of experience makes an average total salary of ₹5,00,000 (including tips, bonus, and overtime pay). Based on 14 salaries, a mid-career Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with 5-9 years of experience gets an average total salary of ₹9,65,580. According to 31 salaries, an experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with 10-19 years of experience gets an average total remuneration of ₹33,00,000. Employees with a later career (20 years or more) receive an average total remuneration of ₹29,91,500. 

 Chief marketing officers with experience in digital marketing are in high demand, but they must have certain qualities. With a desire for results, these marketers are able to comprehend the ins and outs of a digital strategy. A chief marketing officer is a leader with exceptional analytical skills and a strong willingness to collaborate with others. 

 Top Digital Marketing Careers Have a Lot of Possibilities 

 Because digital marketing is such a rapidly developing sector, digital marketers at all phases of their careers may find a job that they like. If you’re a digital marketer who is excited about coming up with innovative solutions to technological issues, interacting with your audience, and developing a successful marketing plan, it’s essential that you continue to invest in your skillset in order to achieve your career goals. 

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