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Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

 By many accounts, 2020 was an extraordinary year, presenting difficulties to businesses that few could have predicted, let alone anticipated. Fortunately,  some kind of normalcy appears to be returning – but with caveats.  Marketers have had to change their working practices significantly. Digital marketing is always evolving. Every year, new trends arise. Existing tactics are starting to gain momentum, while others have been scrapped entirely.   2021 is a little different   It isn’t because nothing has changed. Not at all. But that's because many of the factors driving change haven't been witnessed (at least on the magnitude expected in 2020) since before ... Read more

Data Analytics in Digital Marketing

Marketing has always been about identifying patterns in customers' behavior and creating offerings that are relevant to them. Data, on the other hand, has provided the needed precision. Previously, marketers had to rely heavily on guessing. That is no longer the case. Marketers can now address incredibly complicated issues with a lot more ease and confidence thanks to data analytics. Data analytics is a powerful strategy in digital marketing. Data-driven digital marketing activities result in more sales conversions. But what is data analytics and how can it benefit marketing? Data Analytics At its core, Data Analytics is the translation of ... Read more

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