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Abhivrudhi (Enhanced Progression)

Course Details Abhivrudhi means enhanced progression. This course is the extension of our course Vrudhi. Our course is also focused on advance methods of Vedic mathematics to cater to a different audience of students from secondary section. If your child is struggling with math or want to improve their ability to do mathematics; then, this is the online Vedic mathematics course you should enroll for. Our online course of Vedic mathematics focus to provide 21 hours of focused approaches for mathematics concepts. Vedic mathematics is one of the sought after in the mathematics circles for the ease of use. This ... Read more

Vrudhi (Growth / Progression)

Course Details Do you want to build the right foundation for your kid? Is your kids not finding mathematics interesting? We bring to you our online course Vrudhi which means growth or progression. Our 15 hours online course of Vedic mathematics focus to provide the students with easy approach to working with mathematics concepts. At the young age if the foundation is laid correct, it will lead to greater interest and passion in the subject of mathematics. This course will introduce students to easy methods for mental calculations and approaches as mentioned in the vedic mathematics. Our online mathematics course ... Read more

Brushes & Palette

Course Details Do you have liking for colours? Are you interested to explore the medium or watercolours? Learn to paint with watercolour in a creative, technical and fun filled atmosphere with our online drawing course. Learn to experiment with watercolours with modern and traditional approaches covering the basic concepts and techniques. You will get to learn different aspects of watercolours such as transparency levels, water controls, gradients and paint saturation as well as weight and precision needed to use brush with greater control. Our course is designed by famous and celebrated artist Mr. Mopasang Valath from Kottayam, Kerala. Though he ... Read more

Code Bits

Course Details Research has shown that learning computer programming enables kids to build on confidence and develop critical skills like problem solving and innovative thinking. Our course is designed to help kids not just to have fun, but learning the basics of coding too. It also helps to develop skills like analytical & logical reasoning, critical thinking, develop resilience, understanding cause & effect, and storytelling within the kids. The live online activity-based course is designed for kids (ages 8 and above) to apply common sense, express their imaginations, and to get familiar with computer programs. Proper explanation for each action ... Read more

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