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Why You Should Know Data Analytics

Many of us must have become familiar with the term ‘big data’ by now. Big data involves large amounts of information that can be analyzed to come up with better business strategies. Data analysts stand at the nexus between business, information technology and statistics. Although the data analyst career path has been around for quite some time, people have started paying attention to big data analytics jobs only recently, with issues like the Cambridge Analytica data scandal garnering headlines.

The growing consumer culture across the world has made data analysis a much sought-after job. So what makes a career in data analytics so attractive and lucrative? Here are five reasons why you should become a data analyst.

1. Has a Wide Scope

Data analytics as a field has a vast scope, thanks to the large chunks of big data growing rapidly. As they help to improve efficiency and contribute towards developing innovative strategies, data analysts are an asset to a number of industries and organizations.

Businesses employ big data analysts to come up with better decisions and strategies; many NGOs analyse data to raise funds and make action plans; even sports teams use artificial intelligence to bring forth effective game plans. Even hospitals have data analysts who will help them provide better healthcare facilities to people. With so many opportunities out there, big data analytics jobs are definitely the new cool across sectors.

2. A Lucrative Source of Income

A career in data analytics is still relatively new in India. That is, with the increasing demand for data analysts, there is less supply. This means that this is the best time for you to become a data analyst as big data analytics jobs will provide you with a huge income. Big data is here to stay, which means that professional data analysts will always have opportunities for work.

3. Multiple Positions to Choose From

Even within the field of data analytics, professionals have a wide variety of job positions to choose from. Since big data is in use across multiple fields today, there is no chance that a data analyst career path would turn out to be mundane.

There are multiple job titles that you can pick, ranging between Metrics and Analytics Specialist and Big Data Engineer to Data Analytics Consultant. You can specialize in a particular type or jump across different fields, the choice is up to you.

4. Data Analysts Come From Diverse Academic Backgrounds

Unlike many technical professions, data analytics jobs do not require you to pursue a particular degree in college. Big data analysis is a skill that you can develop on your own, with extensive research and practice that you can do by yourself. The technological aspect is also easy to learn; all you need to do is to be dedicated and invest your time and effort into the process. The most sought-after data analysts come from diverse academic backgrounds including science, IT, architecture and sales.

5. An Evolving Profession

Two things keep on improving with each passing minute– one, technology and two, consumers. As long as this growth persists, rest assured that data analytics will keep on evolving. With technology becoming better and more improved, someone in the big data analytics job sector can always find something new to learn. This way, you get to push your boundaries and challenge yourself every day, making your job more fun.


With data analysts taking up the center position in many companies, it is now safe to say that pursuing a career in data analytics is one of the best options out there. A big data analytics job is so flexible that you can even become a freelancer.

If you’re willing to work hard and keep improving yourself, then establishing yourself as a wanted data analyst won’t be very difficult for you. Data analysts are shaping the future today and now is the right time to be a part of that change.



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