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Career Opportunities of Data Science

      Back in 2019, Google acquired a data analytics startup company called Looker for a whopping 2.6 billion US dollars. In the same year, Salesforce acquired Tableau. Not many were surprised about this at the global level, given how data analytics and data science are becoming increasingly sought-after across different businesses and sectors. This is also why we see a sharp increase in the prevalence of online data science courses and training as well offline data science courses.

So what makes data science and the best data science training institutes so popular? Keep reading this article to put all your questions and inhibitions about data science to rest.

What is Data Science?

To put it simply, data science is the process of extracting valuable insights from a large amount of raw data. These insights will subsequently help businesses, research and other soci0 economic institutions to improve their reach and services. Data science and data science courses weren’t very popular until the second decade of the twenty-first century. In fact, a disruptive study conducted in 2013 concluded that 90 percent of the world’s data was generated between 2010 and 2012.

Data Science Career Paths

Data science is much in demand these days, with a sharp increase in the job openings for Big Data worldwide. Here are the jobs that you could check out in the data science field.

1. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a nexus of mathematicians, computer scientists and people who have an eye for trends. They are responsible for collecting and analyzing data to get valuable insights from it. They are also good at predicting what the company’s future needs would be. You will need to have a strong footing in math and programming skills to become a successful data scientist.

2. Business Intelligence Analyst

A data analyst is more focused on improving the quality of a company’s data systems. Their job is to manipulate large chunks of data such that they fit into the company’s desired analysis. They analyze data to figure out the positions of their company as well as other companies in the market. They use data analytics, data visualization and data modelling techniques to do this.

3. Data Mining Engineer

A data mining engineer is responsible for creating sophisticated algorithms that will enhance the data analysis process. They make data accessible to the data scientists and also build new APIs that can help analyze complex data easily.

4. Data Architect

A data architect is responsible for building and maintaining the company’s database. They work on improving the performance of a company’s data solutions.

5. Statistician

They are experts in mathematics and statistics. A statistician applies these skills to solve real-world problems and helps to collect data, identify trends and report back to the stakeholders.

Data Science Courses and Skills

There are many offline and online data science training institutes in Kerala as well as other places that you can access to learn more about data science. The best data science training institutes will play a crucial role in honing your skills in technical as well as non-technical realms.

Data science requires a strong educational background; many data scientists hold master’s degrees and even PhDs. You can go for a bachelor’s degree in physics, engineering, computer science, social sciences, mathematics and statistics. Data scientists also need to be well-versed with programming languages such as R and Python, SQL, machine learning and AI and platforms like Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Don’t worry if these seem daunting to you. You can easily grasp these skills through data science online training.

The non-technical skills that you need to be adept at includes a curious mind, a high business acumen and good social and communications skills. It is also essential that you are a team player because the job demands constant interactions with different teams and their leaderships.

If you come from a non-technical background, a good knowledge of analytics tools like Tableau, SQL or Excel will help you kick-start your career in data science. If you have a knack for figuring out programming logic, then data science training will help you learn these languages easily.

Why You Should Choose Data Science

According to the reports by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has been estimated that data science employment rates will increase upto 28 percent by 2026-27. In fact, data science is already a lucrative sector, with data engineers in India earning an average of around Rs. 8 Lakhs per year.

Big data is here to stay, and as long as there is data there will be no shortage of employment opportunities relating to data science. Businesses, healthcare, administration, education– almost all sectors require the skills of a data scientist.

A data scientist not only uses their computer science and mathematical skills but also gets to learn a lot from social interactions. As technology keeps evolving with each passing second, you will be able to keep improving your techniques as well as work with newer technologies. It will never be a boring, mundane job for you as you get to push yourself and challenge yourself each day.

To Sum Up

With multiple opportunities available across sectors, employment in the data science field will never be exhaustible. Comprehensive learning from data science courses and online data science course training will easily help you go for a career in data science.

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