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Journalism – Basic

Are you someone who wants to mark your part on history, by recording one? Then it is very important for someone like you to learn about the different pathways available in journalism that you can explore and discover your real area of interest. Herein, you will learn about the career paths in the field of journalism, and what journalism can offer to other fields of professions. Explore the different areas of being a freelancer, self-publishing, as well as being an international correspondent. The elements of journalism are used by almost all the fields around us - Marketing, Politics, Education, Communication, ... Read more

Journalism – Advanced

"I believe that good journalism can make our world a better place."                                                                                                                  - Christiane Amanpour Only a few in the world can listen to their true calling. And if you are here because Journalism is your calling, there is no space for doubt if ... Read more

Machine learning using Python in One Week (Online)

Course Details Machine learning is the field of computer science that enables computer systems to provide sense to data in the same way as humans would do. The focus of machine learning is to learn from experience without have explicit programming intervention of humans. This course dives into the basics of machine learning using Python which is easy to learn and well-known programming language. Our course is designed to give you an overview of Python and associated tools used in machine learning. Classification, Regression and Clustering algorithms will be explored in this course focused on hand-on real life practical examples ... Read more

Python for Data Analytics (Online)

Course Details The focus of the course is to provide students with an introduction to programming, I/O, and visualization using the Python programming language. The lectures, technical workshops and course as a whole takes a practical approach and are designed to provide knowledge and experiences to students by simulating live projects. Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout course reinforces learning and sharpen once’s competency. Who Can Enroll For The Course? Professionals who are looking for up-skilling and developing their career opportunities. Candidates should have good analytical, local skills, awareness to programming languages and/or scripting knowledge. The professionals who are ... Read more

Cracking IELTS & OET in Six Weeks (Online)

Course Details All hopefuls who prepare for the IELTS and the OET tests with us cover listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition to the IELTS & the OET test practice and planning, we will provide you with helpful strategies and crafts for the IELTS & the OET tests; your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills will be improved. You can join Trainon's IELTS courses online and OET courses online from anywhere around the world. These tests(IELTS & OET) are the most popular English language tests for anybody who wants to pursue a life in an English-speaking country. Our ... Read more

Forex & Share Trading Course

Share trading is the buying and selling of shares of companies that are listed in the stock market with the aim of making a profit out of it. It is a unique and highly potential market for those who are impassioned in share trading. Foreign Exchange market, also called the Forex market, refers to the international market where people from different countries buy and sell currencies. The forex market has huge potential for earning good financial rewards. Both are absolutely profitable for those who undergo professional training. Course Details The 2 day Share and Forex trading workshop which will be ... Read more

C Sharp Training Courses

The trends in the IT industry are changing swiftly with new advancements. While considering the present day trend, it is found that C# (Sharp) is on high demand. It is an object oriented programming language which is implemented specifically for .NET and hence there won’t be any issues due to non-compatibility. Course Details In addition to becoming handy with language syntax, the students will also be enlightened about the practices necessary to become a successful software developer. You can be assured that you hold a better chance over others who are adept in only one programming language, once you successfully ... Read more

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