High Paying Career Options- Data Analytics Courses

High Paying Career Options In Data Analytics

Businesses globally are looking to anticipate future occurrences while being able to have a better understanding of business decisions. Data analytics courses is necessary to unlock your company’s potential for growth.

There is no question that Data analytics is evolving for the better and is a very lucrative career path.  As corporations, and individuals start to recognise the value of data, career opportunities in data analytics courses are only increasing.

What is Data Analytics

At its simplest form, Data Analytics courses can be defined as the study of raw data to draw insights. In recent times, data analytics techniques and procedures have been automated into mechanical processes and algorithms that operate on raw data for human consumption.

Data analytics courses represents a broad spectrum that refers to several forms of data analysis. Data analysis reveals a wealth of information that can optimise operations and improve a company’s overall efficiency.

High Paying Careers In Data Analytics 

Data analytics is a broad concept that encompasses a range of professions that all fall under the same umbrella. Doing the research can help you determine the best option for you.

The list consists of the highest-paying data analytics careers:

1. Data Engineer

A Data Engineer is typically responsible for optimising the organization’s infrastructure around multiple Data Analytics procedures while focusing on large data sets. To get the job done, Data Engineers should have significant skills in data visualisation, programming and be experienced in designing and testing solutions.

2.Data Analyst 

Data Analysts are needed in a variety of sectors to analyse and portray data in various ways in order to extract meaningful insights, and they are one of the most well-known Data Analytics career options. Excel, Access, SharePoint, and SQL are all essential skills for data analysts, as are data mining, data modeling, and data visualisation tools. Data Analysts can also assist with the separation and simplification of data from several systems that are essential for further analysis.

3.Marketing Analyst

 Marketing Analysts utilise data to make informed decisions for marketing and sales-related operations, making this an excellent option for a career in Data Analytics in India. Marketing analysts are data crunchers who are also familiar with the marketing components of a company.

Marketing analysts create forecasts, discover opportunities, and streamline procedures using pertinent data. Because the individual in this job frequently deals with clients, excellent communication skills are required in addition to technical skills.

4. Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative Analysts use data to identify and indicate possible investment possibilities or alternatively, dangers based on their conclusion. This makes this position a  highly sought-after job for those looking for a career in Big Data analytics in India. These roles generally pay well since they are used to make investment-related choices like trading models, stock predictions, commodities, and exchange rates.

5. Data Architect

The plans and designs for data management and storage systems are created by data architects. While this job has nothing to do with extracting insights from data, you will need to be familiar with the analytical process in order to create appropriate data structures. Data architecture is becoming one of the most sought-after data analytics professions as more companies collect and manage their own data.

6. Database Administrator

Looking to start a Data Analytics profession from the ground up? Then a Database Administrator could the right job for you. Database administrators are in charge of ensuring that the database is up to date and running, and they should be knowledgeable in a variety of database tools like SQL, NoSQL, and others. To guarantee the environment’s optimal health, database administrators monitor and optimise performance. They also install, configure, and troubleshoot database instances.

7. Data Scientists

Data Scientists are one of the most renowned Data Analytics job options. They collect and analyse data that can be delivered as actionable insights. Data Scientists frequently work with complicated data and sophisticated analytics. This requires a good understanding of Data Analytics, including programming languages like python and R, data visualization tools, and other critical skills.

8. Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions assist businesses in transforming raw data into insights. Business Intelligence Analysts must be well-versed in these tools. They primarily collaborate with Data Scientists and Analysts to visualise data using charts and graphs. Reports are crucial and generating them is a major part of this role. Business Intelligence Analyst insights are crucial to making important business decisions.

9.Data Journalist

Through appealing infographics, data journalism can assist a journalist in telling a complicated narrative. Today, news reports come in as they happen, from a variety of sources, eyewitnesses, and blogs, and are filtered through a large network of social connections. This is why data journalism is so essential. The usefulness of gathering, sifting, and visualising what is going on beyond what the eye can perceive is increasing. Data journalists should be proficient in SQL and Python, and experts in data visualisation and statistics.

10. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineering is a professional path in extensive data analytics that combines Data Science with Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence skills. Deep Learning, Python, and other programming languages, as well as Big Data Analytics and data visualisation tools, are all required skills for a Machine Learning Engineer. Machine Learning Engineers are in high demand, according to studies, at firms such as Apple Inc., Accenture, PwC, JP Morgan, and others, with an average yearly pay of $1,11,855.

A Data Analytics job in India is fantastic, but there are several opportunities internationally. Numerous studies report a global rise in Data Analytics jobs with 70% of company executives preferring to recruit people with data skills.

Considering a career in data analytics? There are multiple camps within Data Analytics, and most businesses are looking for professionals that can work with data to produce insights. Your career path may vary, but remember to learn everything there is to know about your domain.

So, before considering a mid-career change to Data Analytics or beginning from scratch, make sure you’re familiar with some of the Data Analytics tools and technologies. Check out Train On‘s online courses on Data Analytics and its use in the corporate sector if you’re interested in learning more. We can assist you in progressing your career.

Santosh Koshy

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