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How the Digital Marketing Replaces Traditional Marketing

Now the world is not so big anymore. We can access the world at our fingertip because our world is at the end level of digitalization. Industries interconnect with people virtually to develop their business by clicking on a digital network. They have left the old technology and are chasing the new. Due to covid 19 pandemic situation all businesses and their marketing strategies are digitizing. Due to the huge scope of digital marketing, traditional marketing is being replaced by digital marketing. 

Nowadays, we are hearing a lot about digital marketing through social media platforms and we can find a plethora of online digital marketing training centers in Kerala. If you are a novice to this system you may be doubtful about what is meant by digital marketing?  What are the merits of digital marketing over traditional marketing? What are the opportunities of digital marketing? This blog will clear all your uncertainty. Let’s do a detail investigation 

First and foremost, digital marketing refers to the activities that we undertake to market or promote a business through digital platforms like websites, social media, search engine, mobile apps, email and other digital channels. We can divide it into different strategies and some of the basic aspects of digital marketing are advertising, market research, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising pricing psychology, personal favorites and direct response marketing. On the other hand, traditional marketing is targeting the customers through physical forms like newspaper ads, magazine ads, TV ads, radio ads, banners, pamphlets. 

Digital marketing strategy:  The strategy of digital marketing is differ from traditional marketing. The company can make effective strategies in order to make a success by digital marketing. That is, the SEO analyst of a company must follow certain steps to create a productive strategy like setting clear goals and objectives, targeting the audience, creating informative contents, analyzing the strength of your competitors and tracking the progress regularly. By considering all these tactics a company can make their business more successful. 

Advantages of Digital marketing over Traditional marketing: 

   Digital marketing is offering a large reach to the customers. If a company wants to sell or advertise their product online or offline, the reach or large audience size is crucial. When marketing online your business is able to reach a large global audience full of potential customers. 


Secondly, in traditional marketing, companies are placing huge massive billboards on the side of highways or giving advertisements in TV, radio and magazines that are seen and heard by a lot of people. Unfortunately, a swathe of people are not showing much interest in your advertisement. As a result the company cannot aim all of their potential buyers who require their products. In digital marketing, customer targeting can be possible by using online platforms. That is a company can concentrate on only the perfect buyers for their products. Which cannot be done by traditional marketing. For example, Google Ad words, enterprises are able to collect the keywords that consumers are searching. They can add these keywords to their company website to showcase their product in order to identify their website while people search for those keywords. 


Digital marketing is more cost effective than advertising in newspapers, TV and magazines. Consequently, small scale industries can also use digital marketing strategies to promote their business. 

Digital marketing companies can record and analyze the success of your digital marketing campaigns by using online tools and web analytics. Also they are able to see what works and what doesn’t. The different tools like Mailchimp, MeetEdgar, Google Adwords, Google analytics etc. are allowing you to acquire different information which cannot be available in traditional marketing. Your SEO analysts can see how many people are seeing your advertisement and how many people are responding to it. They can use this information to improve your next campaign 


The conversion rates:- Digital marketing and operating your business online has huge benefits when advertising online or taking customers to your website, so the customer is only a few clicks away from purchasing your product. This is much more convenient than traditional marketing as customers would have to make a call or actually travel to your store to make a purchase .The convenience and ease of promoting and selling online can really improve a business’s conversion rates. 

Scope of Digital marketing: 

The gaming of digital marketing is booming on a daily basis. Recently, the usage of the internet has increased in all generations and according to the experts, the usage of the internet will increase 10% to 15% every upcoming year because it’s available at a cheap cost. Majority of the people are using smartphones, laptops and other gadgets to search for a product online before buying it. Therefore enterprises are utilizing the opportunity of the digital world to boost their business. Consequently, there is a lot of scope of innovations in the field. From government sectors to private sectors, from large industries to small enterprises are getting into the digital world to promote their business. Many job portals are inviting resumes of candidates who are interested to start their career in digital marketing as. Digital marketing career is offering a remote capable job with a high salary. It offers a secure career. It contains a variety of job roles like SEO expert, SMM expert, email marketer, content expert, web analyst etc. Educate yourself with the latest marketing trends to make sure that you know what is happening in the digital marketing field.

Summing up, we live in a digital world, which means digital marketing has a significant role ever in business. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you are missing out on valuable interaction between you and your potential consumers and on top of that you will lose the business and your competitors will gain it. Also it’s a national alarm for all the graduates that there is a huge career opportunity in digital marketing waiting for you. Hence, make yourself a skillful digital marketer to acquire a career in digital marketing. Digital world is waiting 


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