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Why Learn Data Science?

It would be an understatement to say that Big Data has reshaped companies. It’s done a lot more than that. Leveraging data has given firms an edge over the competition. There is now, more than ever a pressing need for Data Scientists. Having said that, the question still remains.

Is Data Science worth the investment?

Despite Glassdoor ranking Data Science course as its topmost profession, the answer lies in the irony of an exponential increase of data, followed by the prevalent discrepancy in supply and demand of professionals.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider a career in Data Science.

1.New Gold

Data is in its golden age and we’re living in it. With digital footprints all over the internet, having the skill set to analyze all of this information has set some companies apart from the rest and they are now some of the largest in the world. In 2019, TechTarget published an article about the ever-increasing demand for data science courses entering the job market. And they weren’t the only ones. In their 2020 State of Enterprise Machine Learning report, Algorithmia referred to the need for data science as a “modern-day gold rush”.

2.Global demand for data scientists 

Organizations globally have a new driving force that isn’t going anywhere and will likely be around for most of the 21st century – Data Science. There is a scramble among larger organizations to recruit as many data scientists as humanly possible. There aren’t a lot of experts in this emerging field and the continuing rise in demand for data scientists proves this argument. A projection by The US Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts over 11.8 million data scientists will be hired by 2026, accounting for a 28% increase.

3. Making a difference

Data as a career option is multi-faceted in its global impact. The industry offers more than just a good paycheck. Morally and ethically speaking, it comes with the added benefit of making a difference in very practical ways. One of the biggest areas of impact is the non-profit realm. Whether it’s philanthropy or determining the social well-being of a community, data science has the power to make true change.

For instance, the refugee crisis has brought with it, the uprooting and demise of many. Using data can vastly empower both non-profit organizations and governments in providing relief to the most vulnerable in our global society.

4. Spoilt for choice

Data science course is one of the most in-demand careers today. There’s no doubt that mastering the skill set required in this area is a sure-fire way to solidify a career in this evolving industry. According to a recent survey by information site Analytics Vidhya and ed-tech platform Great Learnings, India presently has over 50,000 open data and analytics roles. Edvancer, an online analytics training school, conducted similar research last year with comparable results. According to the research, approximately 50,000 employment openings in the analytics field are now accessible in India.

In the domain of data science courses, there are several job titles and alternatives to select from. You can become a data scientist after graduation, but there are a variety of alternatives available to you when you enter the job market to further your specialty and area of focus. As a data scientist, you can work in a variety of fields, including big data analytics, data engineering, machine learning engineering, and general data science. There’s also the opportunity to be assigned to several jobs with various duties at large organisations like Oracle, Opera, and IBM, depending on the organization’s prospects.

5. Monetary advantage

It goes without saying that for the most part, this career path comes with attractive monetary benefits. Data scientists are among the most well-paid professionals in the tech world. Organizations are motivated to reward their data scientists with lucrative positions to keep them on staff.

Freelancing, tutoring, and blogging as a data scientist have all become new trends in this field, that professionals employ to increase their earning portfolio. While the monetary benefits still depend largely on the level of employment and classification, an entry-level position in this career path still pays well.

For example, a data scientist in the US, for instance, earns a salary range of $104,000 to $155,000 per year, making it a lucrative career. This is considerably higher than the average pay for a majority of the population.

Online certification

For schools, data science is a relatively new notion. It demands hard work and is not short on challenges. As technology evolves, there is a demand for experts in the domains of government, education, business, accounting, health care, engineering, and the energy sector. The low supply of experts in this area has further enhanced demand. The good news is, it’s affordable to make the shift to a rewarding data science career. Online course options are more popular than ever, and TrainOn is ahead of the curve. TrainOn is one of the best data science training centres in India. Located in Kochi, TrainOn offers courses in multiple domains, equipping professionals with live industry orientation and project exposure. It’s your official road map to reach your potential in the data science profession.


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